Touch-A-Life Foundation Announces World Kindness Day 2022

The hybrid event will celebrate individuals and organizations committed to supporting global sustainability goals through kindness and giving.

As the global supply chain continues to endure the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic amidst the Russia-Ukraine war, global growth is expected to slow by nearly 3% according to the World Bank’s 2022 Global Economic Prospects report. This economic decline directly impacts underprivileged and underrepresented populations, restricting the availability of food, water, clothing, housing, healthcare, and other basic human essentials as outlined in the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The hybrid, day-long event will unite non-profits, corporates, youth, philanthropists, and citizens from around the world, who are committed to creating a sustainable future through kindness and giving. Featuring over 100 world-class leaders and dozens of sustainability experts, TAL World Kindness Day 2022 will include inspiring keynotes, educational panel discussions, diverse local entertainment, and networking opportunities. Food and beverages will be served throughout the day, including wine tastings provided by local wineries.

Touch-A-Life Foundation Adds Chris Funk as New Board Advisor

As a TALScouts board advisor, Chris will help provide his educational expertise and resources to further develop the TALScouts program, encouraging students to volunteer to give back to their community. Touch-A-Life’s TALScouts program is designed to build social entrepreneurship skills, access to corporate internships, while earning voluntary hours by bringing the local community needs to the TALGiving crowdfunding platform, all virtual—so that they can continue to learn and help out their local community from a distance.

Telugu singer Sunitha forays into new territory

Singer Sunitha Upadrashta has been signed as global brand ambassador for Touch-A-Life Foundation. In her new role, Sunitha will help spread awareness of the TALGiving app that facilitates one-to-one connections between the donor and the recipient.

Charity app promises to change the giving scene

Renowned Telugu playback singer and voice artiste, Sunitha Upadrashta, will be the global brand ambassador of Touch-A-Life (TAL) Foundation, a non-profit organisation to support the needy and underprivileged, based in the bay area of California in the US.

Touch-A-Life Foundation Announces Sunitha as Global Brand Ambassador

Touch-A-Life Foundation, a non-profit organization to support the needy and underprivileged, today added renowned Indian playback singer and voice artist, Sunitha, as its latest global brand ambassador. Sunitha will help spread awareness of the TALGiving platform, an app designed to facilitate one-to-one connections between donor and recipient.

Touch-A-Life Foundation Adds Accelero as Charter Member

Accelero will join other Touch-A-Life Charter Members, PulpPR, Royse Law Firm, Solix Technologies, and Emagia Corporation, providing all required CPA services to Touch-A-Life at no cost, to help ensure smooth operations for the non-profit organization’s TALGiving platform.

Touch-A-Life Foundation Adds PulpPR as TAL Charter Member

PulpPR will join other Touch-A-Life Charter Members, Royse Law Firm, Solix Technologies and Emagia Corporation, to help spread awareness about TALGiving, a mobile-first social application for iOS and Android devices that makes it easier to facilitate donations between donor and donees using blockchain and AI technologies.

Touch-A-Life Foundation Adds Royse Law Firm as Charter Member

Royse will join other Touch-A-Life Charter Members, Solix Technologies and Emagia Corporation, to help fund the operational costs of the Touch-A-Life Foundation—ensuring that individuals’ donations are delivered directly to specific causes such as clothing, food, educational, medical, and shelter assistance.