Australian Wildfire Relief

For months Australia has been ravaged by brutal wildfires compounded by high winds and drought conditions that have caused massive evacuations and devastation to wildlife and families impacted.
The most impacted areas are in the southeastern states of New South Wales and Victoria, but across the country more than 20 people and over half a billion animals have been killed.
As weather conditions continue to help spread these fires at increasingly rapid rates more evacuations are taking place and nonprofit organizations are working to serve the immediate needs of those impacted.
Touch-A-Life Foundation, is raising funds for Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery, donate from our website or on our TALGiving app, available for download on Apple and Android Devices.

More About your Donation

Touch-A-Life Foundation is raising funds for Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery. These funds will go towards their emergency services team that deploys trained volunteers, aid workers and staff to respond the fires.

According to Australian Red Cross here is how your donations can help:

  • $20: can help train and support Red Cross volunteers to provide practical advice and emotional support to families struggling to find their feet in the aftermath of a disaster
  • $100: can provide 40 households with Emergency REDiplan materials to help them prepare for disaster
  • $1,000: can assist Red Cross to set up and staff an emergency information service to help people search for family/friends who have been evacuated or are missing after a cyclone, bushfire, etc.
  • $150: can help train outreach volunteers, in the aftermath of a flood, fire or cyclone, to assist community recovery through practical advice, emotional support and referrals to local services
  • $200: can deliver a preparedness session for 30 people

Solution from TALGiving

  • What is TALGiving?

    TALGiving is a mobile and web-based application that connects those in need with those willing to help on a single-source, fully transparent platform. By downloading the TALGiving App on your Apple or Android device, or registering on the Touch-A-Life website, you have access to a community of Donors and Donees (those in need). The platform works as a digital marketplace for spreading kindness, allowing donations to be made in cash, kind (material goods), and time (volunteer services).

  • How do I donate?

    After registering as a TAL Donor you can browse posted requests from Donees and charity organizations. For Australian Wildfire Relief, you can donate to the Australian Red Cross fund.

  • Are there any joining fees?

    Nope, TALGiving is a zero-platform fee application and is 100% funded by Charter Members who pay for all maintenance costs, this means that your donation is sent directly to the recipient.

Advantages of TALGiving:

  • Kindness Points: Earn kindness points for every action you take on the application and share with your friends on social media.
  • Ease-of-use and accessibility on mobile and web devices.
  • A Digital Marketplace for Kindness: with TALGiving you can browse requests to see exactly what those disadvantaged or charity organizations truly need and offer your support based on your interests.
  • Zero Platform fees
  • Fully-Transparent: Track your donation from source to recipient.