“Calling out to all Power Moms – Take the Empathy Pledge!”

The Power of Empathy

“Empathy: (N.) The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.”

Empathy is a powerful thing, it puts you in the position of someone else, and facilitates compassion, comradery, and can empower change.

Every mother can empathize with the pressure of raising a child, the societal pressures, judgments, and feelings of insecurity.

Every mother has huge dreams for her child, and she goes all the way to make it happen.

Motherhood is a blessing and a challenge, and for many that challenge becomes a burden due to socio-economic factors.

As moms it is our responsibility to lift each other up, to recognize the challenges and to not add to the burden with comparisons and judgement. By taking this empathy pledge, join moms across the world in solidarity. Let them know you see them, you understand them, and you support them.