Touch-A-Life Foundation Announces Pradeep Kondiparthi as Chief Evangelist of TALScout Program

Business coach and mentor will expand the TALScouts program to all schools in the United States

August 28 2020 — Cupertino, Calif. — Touch-A-Life Foundation, a non-profit organization to support the needy and underprivileged, today added Pradeep Kondiparthi as Chief Evangelist of the TALScouts program.

Pradeep will bring his many years of experience as a business coach, mentor, and actor, to lead the TALScouts program, which provides mentorship and structure to students who want to make a positive impact on their communities. TALScouts is composed of two primary volunteer opportunities for students, all performed remotely to meet social distancing requirements:

  • TALScout Ambassadors: Promote the TALScout program and TALGiving within your school, gaining leadership skills, communication and recruitment tactics, and program development experience, with potential to earn educational credits.
  • TALScouts: Work with a team of professionals to help develop the TALGiving platform. Build leadership skills, lead fundraising campaigns, and learn technical skills such as product design and UI/UX.

Pradeep has been in the business of coaching and mentoring corporations and kids for decades. He previously played a role in HR for Satyam, a large corporation in India. He is also known for his work in entertainment as an actor, writer, and anchor.

Built on blockchain and AI technologies, TALGiving is designed to facilitate a transparent connection between those in need and those that can provide help and support, through easy-to-use mobile and desktop apps. TALGiving enables both individual and corporate donors to provide educational, food, medical, shelter, and clothing assistance to citizens of all ages—from students to seniors—with just a few taps or clicks.

“As we continue to endure difficult global times, TALScouts provides a great way for students to engage with and give back to their community, from a distance. I look forward to helping the program grow to help spread kindness around the world,” said Pradeep Kondiparthi.

“We are honored to have Pradeep bring his extensive mentorship and coaching skills to Touch-A-Life’s TALScouts program,” said Tej Gundavelli, CEO and Co-Founder, Touch-A-Life Foundation.

To download the TALGiving app, and for more information on the Touch-A-Life foundation, visit

About Touch-A-Life Foundation

The Touch-A-Life Foundation is a non-profit organization (please view IRS approved exemption document 501(c)(3)), founded in 2012, to support the needy. We are built on the principle that helping others is good for the society. Our mission is to create one-to-one connections between donors and recipients, matching them based on needs. By utilizing technologies such as blockchain, social media networks, cloud, and mobile applications we are bridging the gap between those looking to make a difference and those with need of assistance.

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