COVID-19 Message: Though we are all impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that there has been a greater impact on students and school as they face an uncertain future. As part of our efforts to maintain a community connection and provide an avenue for charity to students, the TALScouts program is entirely virtual. As schools work to adopt distance learning, we have adopted ‘distance internships’ allowing students to connect with the TAL team, charitable causes, and other students from a safe distance. To learn more about our program fill out the application form.

TALScout Ambassador

Touch-A-Life Foundation was founded by school children wanting to make a difference. With that in mind, we want to stay true to our roots and continue to get students involved in charity and kindness early on. As a TALScouts Ambassador you will help to promote the TALScouts program within your school and work as a liaison to help us meet volunteer and credit requirements.

Your role

  • Promote TALScouts program within your school
  • Determine volunteer and internship requirements and help us to secure accreditation for our program
  • Support marketing efforts for school fundraisers and causes via the TALGiving platform
  • Encourage your network to download the TALGiving app
  • Lead recruiting efforts for the TALScouts Program
  • Help fulfill TALGiving requests within your school network


  • Leadership skills and program development experience
  • Ability to tailor the internship program to match your interests
  • Develop useful communication and sales skills
  • Connect with members of your community in a meaningful way
  • Potential to earn credits and strong resume builders
  • Virtual program tailored for COVID-19 social distancing requirements


TALScouts is Touch-A-Life Foundation’s student internship program. As a TALScouts you will work with a team of dedicated professionals to manage kindness efforts via the TALGiving platform. The TALScouts program allows for high school and college students to receive volunteer hours and school credit while providing flexibility to school schedules and current social distance restrictions.

TALScouts Benefits

  • A virtual internship program that allows students to earn credit and volunteer hours from the comfort of their home.
  • Hone leadership skills
  • Lead fundraising campaigns
  • Work with professionals on UI experience and product design
  • Learn recruitment and communication tactics
  • Have a positive impact on your community

What We’re Looking For

  • Students looking for volunteer opportunities
  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Passion for kindness and making a difference


  • High school student 14-18 years old
  • Access to laptop with internet connection
  • Basic computer skills ( i.e. email, google drive, google suite, video chat tools, and social media)