How COVID Has Brought People Closer: An Exploration in Kindness and Humanity

Tej Gundavelli

Tej Gundavelli, CEO and Co-Founder, Touch-A-Life Foundation

The COVID-19 pandemic has been and continues to be a great menace affecting everyone’s day-to-day life. As many would say, it is the current major stressor in the world. But well, despite its negative effects, it’s crucial to also focus on the positive gains.

It would be absurd to fail to recognize that at some point, indeed, COVID-19 is a blessing in disguise. Copious acts of humanity and kindness are taking over amid this battle. It is a great reminder to show us that we can still come together and change this whole mood of fear, anger, and hopelessness despite everything.

People are trying to change the scare tale to a caring tale. I will walk you through some of the ways that prove acts of kindness and humanity will at all times conquer.

1. Appreciating Frontline Workers

The COVID-19 situation has spotlighted the forefront heroes in the fight against the pandemic. As observed across different countries globally, people are standing in solidarity with these individuals, especially the healthcare workers. Other supermen that continue to receive appreciation are supermarket staff, delivery personnel, the police, and warehouse persons.

Jointly, they have made sure that normal life operations continue, despite the need to stay at home. People have been standing at their doors and windows to cheer up and applaud these people to show oneness. The stars have also received different appreciation tokens from organizations and some individuals.

2. Giving Selflessly

It is at this time that people have faced the most challenging times and situations in the world. From people losing jobs, businesses failing and increased pay-cut instances. It has become even harder for some people to place a meal on the table. However, it’s hard to close our eyes to good gestures from selfless organizations and people.

People have continued to offer door-to-door aids such as food, sanitizers, and masks. Other kindness gesticulations observed are the giving of test kits, medical use protective kits, ventilators, among other medical equipment in hospitals. An example of such a selfless practice is from Jack Ma, the co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group. He bestowed 1,000 medical use protective shields, 20,000 test kits, and 100,000 masks to all African countries.

3. Doing Away with Any Differences

Everyone has been fighting to do away with the disease regardless of whether they are on good terms or not. Individuals, countries, companies have made sure that differences do not deter them from pooling their resources together to bridge any snags brought about by the pandemic.

For instance, the EU sent 50 tons of protective gear to China, where the pandemic began. The same was observed when China sent equipment to Europe when the disease seemed to overpower them. The shipment supplies from China had a Chinese flag and the words, “the friendship road knows no borders.” An indication that people have come together to ensure humanity prevails in the fight against the coronavirus disease despite any prevailing differences.


Acts of heroism continue to prevail during this brutal COVID-19 pandemic. They are not only making people smile, but they are also bringing people together. This way, the world will not only triumph in beating this disease, but it will achieve the oneness brought about by people coming together. Together we can! Let’s continue coming together through extra kindness and humanity doings in the fight against this pandemic, and we will arise strong.