How it works

Touch-A-Life Foundation facilitates one-to-one connections between donors and recipients by leveraging technologies to disrupt the digital divide and connect those willing to give with those in need.

  • Individual Donor

    • Ease-of-use
    • Track your donation to the recipient
    • Earn kindness points and connect with causes you care about.
  • Corporate Donor

    • Accessibility to donors
    • Tracking & analytics
    • Verification
  • TALScouts

    • Make volunteering easy and fun
    • Mobile/web-based volunteer hours
    • Help facilitate transactions between donors and donees
How it works
  • Individual Donee

    • Help & support from TAL admins and volunteers
    • Visibility
    • 0% platform fees
  • Donee Organization

    • Visibility
    • Help & support from TAL administrators
    • Request what you need and match with appropriate donors
  • TAL Admin

    • Help & support to users
    • Donee verifications
    • Facilitates transactions
Available TALGiving App

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The TALGiving App

Start and manage donation requests, engage with donors, and discover important causes — all on the go

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Who can use the App?



As an individual donor, you can offer services in the form of monetary donations, volunteer your time with organizations or recipients, or kind donations for specific items. Based on your donor interests we will match you with appropriate donees that will most benefit from your donation. All donations go directly to the selected donee, and Touch-A-Life offers a donor protection guarantee with full transparency so you can track your donation from source to recipient.



As an individual donee, you may setup your requests for donations in the form of time, volunteers/assistance, kind, specific goods/item requests, and cash donations.

Based on your requests Touch-A-Life connects you with the appropriate donors to help you reach your goals. Additionally, we offer support in driving awareness via social media and network listings.



As a TALScouts you will join a team of dedicated individuals striving to make a difference in their communities.

The role of our TALScouts is to help facilitate requests based on your interests.

Corporate Donor

Corporate Donor

Touch-A-Life provides corporations with the opportunity to register as donors in the form of cash, time, or kind (specific items/goods), and provides corporate logins for individuals of your organization to contribute to your causes.

Corporate Donor
Corporate Donee

Corporate Donee

Corporate Donees may include schools, shelters, soup kitchens, or other organizations that serve disadvantaged people. Touch-A-Life varifies requests from these organizations and then provides them with a profile to make requests in the form of cash, time, or kind (specific items/goods).

Corporate Donee

Charter Members

Charter Donors fund the operational cost to run Touch-A-Life so that donations made to causes can be fully delivered to helping those in need.

Touch-A-Life utilizes cloud and volunteers to keep operational costs low and all money given by Charter Donors goes back into funding new innovative ways to facilitate kindness in the community.

Charter Memebers