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To bridge the gap between those in need with those willing to give. We leverage innovative technology to facilitate one-to-one connections between Donors and Donees (recipients) on an easy-to-use digital platform for kindness.

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Jin Tanaka | September 29, 2021 Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan
Branch manager
TAL Giving | September 17, 2021 Santa Clara, California, United States
Covid Orphans Need Your Help
Maheswara Vatti | September 15, 2021 Broomfield, Colorado, United States
Broomfield Senior Services Lakeshore Cafe
Diya Kanwar | August 19, 2021 Flint, Michigan, United States
2021 Flint Back-to-School Hygiene Kit Drive
Kristin McMahon | August 16, 2021 Twin Falls, Idaho, United States
Shekar Kumar Sanvala | July 26, 2021 Gilroy, California, United States
Education and Food for Sneha Organization
Harshith Jella | June 25, 2021 Plano, Texas, United States
Sponsor Twin Turbo Robotics
Kavita Verma | May 11, 2021 San Jose, California, United States
8 Visually challenged girls need your help
Vinay Gaddam | April 27, 2021 Frisco, Texas, United States
PC funds for Fort Worth ISD
Vedanshi Sreeramoju | March 30, 2021 Dallas, Texas, United States
Hygiene Kits for the Homeless

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On behalf of the students in the McKinney-Vento Program at San Jose Unified School District, I wish to thank you for the donation of 144 sweatshirts.

Brandon Ahlstrom, RN, San Jose Unified School District

Your generous support helped us to provide our students with a little extra, and for that we are very grateful.

Judy Jaramillo Argumedo, Director of Academic Supports, Palo Alto Unified School District

Thank you for your efforts to support our students. Your assistance and generosity definitely make a difference!

Vangie Avila & Jennifer Klassen, East Side Union High School District

Palo Alto is indeed grateful for your contribution to the welfare of our students.

Susie Pierson, Palo Alto Unified School District

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