What Touch-A-Life can do for the new wave of the pandemic in India

Tej Gundavelli

Tej Gundavelli, CEO and Co-Founder, Touch-A-Life Foundation

COVID-19 has had an incredibly strong impact on the lives of citizens around the world. In 2020 our way of life had changed from being able to see our friends, families, and coworkers regularly to staying at home daily and meeting on zoom.

As 2021 came around the news of the vaccine provided us with hope that the pandemic is coming to an end and that COVID-19 is behind us. In India however, the pandemic has not only continued to rage on but has grown to the point of putting society at a standstill. The news has shown cases of police vehicles guarding oxygen tanks and number of sick individuals going up by the thousands daily.

It’s projected that India’s GDP will contract by 8% due to the second wave of the pandemic. These effects disproportionately affect manual laborers and the poorer citizens of India whose jobs must have been completely halted by a shutdown or whose single income households may be devastated by the death of a breadwinner. The sheer medical expenses of treatment alone could force families into debt during this trying time.

The Touch-A-life foundations commitment has always been to help connect donors to donees so that people who have resources to give can make a difference in the lives of others. Through the TALGiving Platform we’ve enabled our donors to connect to donees in India and help them during their time of need. Our team has been working directly with the nonprofits on the ground in india to ensure that all funds directly go to supporting those who may be in need.

During the pandemic we’ve raised $5000 for V Care a nonprofit has begun its relief service by providing meal or packed grocery kits to the marginalized and low-income segment of the society who are affected by COVID. 10$ for a grocery kit feeds a family for 7 days.

We’ve also raised $1500 for the Anada Foundation which is helping bring oxygen cylinders for hospitals and homes to receive oxygen support without the hassle of refilling daily.

As a critical component of the global tech stack, India’s plight affects the global economy and its citizens. So many tech workers in the bay area have also had their family members affected by this new wave of COVID in India.

Please join us in helping some of the many nonprofits that are doing important work in India right now by donating through the TALGiving App both in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. By coming together and even providing 10$ a month we can go a long way towards helping India recover from its current crisis.