Announcing TALGiving: Launching to the public

Tej Gundavelli

Tej Gundavelli, CEO and Co-Founder, Touch-A-Life Foundation

Last year we introduced TALGiving, an app that helps facilities one-to-one connections between donors and recipients, at our TAL Annual Day 2019 fundraising event and banquet. We initially launched the app as a private beta to our local community, the San Jose Unified School District, and Santa Clara Unified School District. Today, I’m proud to announce that after several months of testing and feedback from our amazing community, we’re opening TALGiving up to the public.

What’s TALGiving?

It’s a new mobile app for Android and iOS devices (also supporting desktops) that connects donor with donee, to make the entire donation process simple and easy for both parties. Donors (individuals and corporates alike) can sign up, list the specific resources they’re willing to provide, and track donations to enable full transparency. For the recipient, all they have to do is sign up and fill out their profile, listing which resources they need, and they’ll automatically be matched with a donor when the resources become available. Best of all, there is a 0% fee for all parties involved—the only fees involved come directly from the banks to help facilitate credit card charges in the event of monetary donations. If those donations are made through a direct bank account transfer or check, there are no finance charges.

How does TALGiving work?

Under the hood, we’ve integrated several innovative technologies including blockchain and AI into TALGiving. Blockchain technology provides a decentralized, immutable ledger for all of the transactions conducted through the app, which enables full transparency for all parties to ensure that donations are going to the appropriate causes. Blockchain also makes the transaction data available on all of our apps, so that they can be used from anywhere around the world. We use AI (artificial intelligence) to help facilitate the matchmaking process between donor and donee, based on the profile information filled out by each party. With these two technologies, coupled with mobile and social media, we are hoping to revolutionize the entire donation process by making it 100% digital—no need for messy paperwork and record keeping.

Rather than just accepting monetary donations that platforms like GoFundMe are based on, TALGiving is built to facilitate all type of donations—whether it be clothing, food, medical, monetary, or shelter/housing assistance—making it easy for people in need to receive specific resources, and improving transparency for all involved.

We invite you to download and sign up for the TALGiving apps, to begin your journey of kindness and giving (or receiving), and help us improve the app as we continue to expand globally. Please visit to learn more.