TALYouth: A way for students to virtually give back to their community

Tej Gundavelli

Tej Gundavelli, CEO and Co-Founder, Touch-A-Life Foundation

As schools continue to adopt distance learning, the future of in-person education is still unclear for many students around the country. At the Touch-A-Life Foundation, one of our key pillars is youth engagement in charity and philanthropy—providing students with the opportunity to give back to their local communities while learning important life and business skills.


Our new TALYouth program is designed to give students internships—entirely virtual—so that they can continue to learn and help out their local community from a distance during these tough times. TALYouth offers two voluntary options to students looking to give back:


Designed for high school and college students, TALYouth is Touch-A-Life Foundation’s student internship program. TALYouth will volunteer to help build and promote the TALGiving app, learning many skills including UI experience, product design, teamwork, marketing, and leadership. Performed entirely in-home using a laptop or smartphone, the program allows students to earn credit and volunteer hours, and is flexible around students’ schedules.


It’s also a great mentoring and networking opportunity. Touch-A-Life works closely with many corporates and executives, and the TALYouth program gives students access to these experts to teach them about various business aspects, and potentially set them up for internships at their companies.

TALYouth Ambassador

As a TALYouth Ambassador, students are tasked with promoting the TALYouth program within their school to help recruit TALYouth. It’s a great opportunity to learn marketing skills which are used to help promote their school’s fundraisers and causes via the TALGiving platform. TALYouth Ambassadors will build leadership skills and program development experience, with the potential to earn credits and build their resume. 


Virtually, TALYouth Ambassadors will be encouraged to help spread the world about TALGiving, with the goal of onboarding other students, family, friends, and teachers, so that they can provide (or request) resources such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical assistance.


With students spending more time at home this summer, the TALYouth program is a great way to keep kids busy and educated, but more importantly, building them to be a better person by helping out their community.