Why Attend TAL Kindness Day 2023?

When you attend TAL Kindness Day, you get to experience the transformative power of kindness in person. You will take back lots of critical insights, get inspired by stories of changemakers and socially conscious organizations, be motivated to innovatively address social problems, and get networking opportunities. You don’t want to miss that!

Delegates & Changemakers

Experience the atmosphere charged with inspiring resolutions, mesmerizing entertainment and an effective forum for social connections.

  • Experience the transformative power of kindness
  • Witness social innovations & inspirational stories
  • Get inspired to take action & engage in the charity ecosystem
  • Network with leaders and changemakers


Get to know the social issues that need your help, meet all the non profits at one place and exhibit your splendid work in CSR to the world.

  • Gain critical insights on social issues that need your support
  • Connect with diverse non-profits and find worthy causes to fund
  • Showcase all the incredible work you do as part of your CSR
  • Network with global community leaders and changemakers
  • Learn ways to build high-impact collaborations with non-profits
  • Build your CSR strategy based on key learnings from the event


Showcase your work, gain greater reach, raise funds & support. Learn how to strengthen your initiatives & impact from key industry players. Network.

  • Showcase your initiatives at your own booth to gain wider reach
  • Gain key insights to strengthen your work and its impact
  • Learn about effective ways to fundraise, build transparency and much more
  • Maximize your fundraising efforts & mobilize support
  • Connect with corporates aligned to your goals and raise support
  • Network with corporates, leaders, volunteers & other nonprofits


Listen and meet inspiring people; get to know about the social issues and your role that could make a change, add compassion and positivity to your persona, and make great friends.

  • Learn about pressing social issues
  • Network with diverse changemakers
  • Get involved in the charity ecosystem
  • Explore your ways to make a difference
  • Get inspired to take action
  • Get a chance to earn volunteer hours


Share you valuable thoughts with the world, meet younger generation and inspire them, and lead the kindness movement that could bring a change to this world.

  • Share your invaluable insights on pressing social challenges
  • Motivate attendees to innovate, sparking a kindness revolution
  • Meet and inspire youth into taking social responsibility


Display your social work and vision. Promote your products for sale, donation or publicity. Meet key players in industry to assess and improve your work.

  • Showcase your social work and vision
  • Promote your products for sale
  • Fundraising
  • Reach out to more people
  • Meet key industry players to enhance your work

Highlights of Previous TAL World Kindness Day

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Our Leaders Vision

  • As an organization that works to promote kindness and giving back to our community, we have put together this event to help highlight the power of the human spirit and how in times of crisis we can come together to make the world better.

    Tej Gundavelli

    Founder & CEO, Touch-A-Life Foundation