TAL Hero is a prestigious initiative from Touch-A-Life Foundation. Every Year, on the occasion of TAL World Kindness Day, we facilitate heroic personalities, NGOs, and corporates who have made a unique mark on their chosen path. These are the unsung heroes who with their empathy and dedication have tried to bring a change around them. You too can be a part of this. Do suggest a person, an NGO, or a corporate body who deserves to be recognized as TALHero.

Guidelinesfor TALHero

  • For Individuals3 Awards from US and 3 From India

    • No Restrictions regarding age, gender, ethnicity and place.
    • His/Her story should inspire us with their compassion, dedication, and perseverance.
    • Nominees should be free from any ongoing legal trail for misconduct or unlawful activities.
  • For Non Profits3 Awards from US and 3 From India

    • Has to be Registered in India or US as non profit.
    • Should not be affiliated to any political parties or extremist groups.
    • Requires a transparent history devoid of any controversies and legal violations.
    • Please share relevant online resources that support your work and vision.
  • For Corporates3 Awards from US and 3 From India

    • Has to be registered under companies act in India or US.
    • Should have a separate division/staff/budget for CSR activities.
    • Requires a transparent history devoid of any controversies and legal violations.
    • Please share relevant online resources that support your work and vision.

The final decision of awards lies with the panel of judges entrusted with selection and Touch-A-Life Foundation. To nominate someone or yourself for the award, please complete the nomination form. There is no fee for nomination. Please do not heed to any call, message or mail requesting for an amount or any other financial information.

  • TAL Heroes will Receive

    • Award at TAL World Kindness Day celebrations on November 19th
    • Would be highlighted on TAL websites and social media accounts
    • Interview with TALRadio
    • Press Release for TALHero
    • Entry into elite TALLeaders Group

TALHeroesTAL World Kindness Day 2021

  • An incredible work in film festivals

  • Her relentless efforts in donating a bell

  • A humanistic and data-driven approach to medicine

  • A champion of social service

  • A true champion of Social innovation

  • A polio survivor with a regained voice

Read what our TALHeroes Say

  • TAL has been a partner of East Side for several years and on this special day, it’s an amazing opportunity to share everyone’s joy and love of living here in Silicon Valley and supporting our kids dreams.

    Chris Funk

    Superintendent, Dublin Unified School District & Board of Advisor, Touch-A-life Foundation

    Recognized for his undying efforts to make the dream of world class education a possibility, regardless of any disparities.

  • I want to thank TAL Foundation not only for this award, but also for this world kindness day event. Be kind to each other, to yourself and to the world.

    L. Mattock (Mattie) Scariot

    Director, Poppy Jasper International Film Festival

    Recognized for her incredible work in film festivals to inspire and open doors to tourism and community development

  • My mission is to provide a bell to every cancer centre around the world and I hope that one day, every patient dealing with cancer will have the opportunity to ring the bell (signifying the end of treatment).

    Isabella Spar

    Founder, Project Bell

    Recognized for her relentless efforts in donating a bell to every radiation center to inspire hope

  • I wish to share TALHero recognition with the Rice ATM team which has done incredible job during the covid times and all the Covid Warriors who got inspired from us and reached out to help the needy in those testing times.

    Ramu Dosapati

    Founder, Rice ATM

    Recognizes Ramu Dosapati as an unique covid warrior who has stepped forward to help the society during the rare catastrophe, our generation has witnessed.

TALHeroesTAL World Kindness Day 2020

  • A leader and reformer of education

  • Notable educationalist

  • Social entrepreneurs

  • Indian coach for Para Badminton Team

  • Versatile singer and social activist

  • Environmentalist